About Us

Hi. We're Brunch Money. We're an independent digital marketing, SEO, audience strategy, and content agency based in Greenwich, Conn.


A few years ago while living in Brooklyn, we stared to realize that friends who were building companies needed help with their digital strategy. But hiring an expensive, formal agency wasn't right for them. Then, we realized that their friends who were building companies or growing brands were in the same situation, too. 

We created Brunch Money (over breakfast burritos in Fort Greene—makes sense?) with the explicit intention of creating custom solutions for small businesses.

And we get it, because we're a small business, too. The bottom line is that the agency model doesn't work for everyone—but that's especially true when you're just starting up, or you don't even know exactly you need. We'll work with you to assess your goals, then create flexible options for you—whether that's à la carte services, or a flat-fee monthly option where we can go to the opportunity as needed.

We're also available for one-off services. Inquire about ghostwriting, content production, and copywriting, plus flat-fee SEO audits.

Hope to speak to you soon!
Brian + Meredith



    Here are our core services. Don't see what you want? Just ask!

    Marketing and Communications

    • Brand narrative and identity
    • Marketing copywriting
    • Social media strategy
    • Media outreach
    • Email marketing

    Editorial Services

    • Content marketing strategy
    • Editorial calendar planning and managing editorial
    • Long- and shortform content writing
    • Freelancer sourcing  
    • Content editing

    Search Strategy

    • SEO strategy
    • Copywriting for search
    • Site content auditing

    Digital Advertising and Paid Acquisition

    • SEM/Google AdWords
    • Social media advertising
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    Brian O'Connor, Partner

    Brian is the former Director of Digital Strategy at Morgan Stanley and Director of Digital Innovation at Student Loan Hero (now LendingTree). Previously, he served as Deputy Web Editor at Foreign Affairs at the Council on Foreign Relations, politics editor at Palgrave Macmillan, and within STEM publishing at Springer Nature.

    Along with his projects for Brunch Money, Brian's freelance writing has appeared in publications including TIME, the New Republic, The Awl, and Paste.

    Brian's specialties include SEO and search, email marketing, and social media strategy.

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    Meredith Turits, Partner

    Meredith is the former Managing Editor at Fundera. Prior to working in fintech, Meredith spent a decade in digital publishing as an Editorial Director and Senior Strategist of Brand Development at Time Inc., the Senior Founding Editor at Bustle, and an Associate Online Editor at Glamour.

    Meredith's freelance writing has appeared in Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, ELLE, the New Republic, The Paris Review Daily, and more.

    Meredith's specialties include copywriting, editing, brand positioning, and media communication.