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We’re Brunch Money LLC, a consultancy that focuses on growing digital and consumer product brands with social media, audience development, SEO, copywriting, and digital brand identity. We’re fun, and we also get things done.

With more than two decades of digital media and publishing experience, Brunch Money is a two-person, Brooklyn-based operation that will help you reach your target audience exactly as you’ve planned—and cook up things you haven’t yet thought of, too.

We’ve worked with companies to develop marketing and branding strategies through promotional initiatives, newsletter campaigns, marketing collateral, packaging, social media, and editorial copy. We use custom plans for each brand’s digital presence and physical product because no two projects are the same. Brunch Money has also consulted with businesses and individuals on optimization of their CMS and social media platforms, and have constructed brand identities to launch and promote new ventures.

Rates are assigned on a project-basis, and we’d love to hear about what you’re working on. Please email us for more information.


Social Media

We create strategies that help brands build upon their existing follower bases—or start entirely from scratch. Having managed Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest accounts with upwards of 1 million followers each, we know how to get fans engaged, interested, and loyal.


The secret sauce for getting your brand noticed, search engine optimization is key to building an organic following. We've managed SEO strategy at some of the country's biggest media websites, and can drive traffic to your site with the same tactics.


With two decades combined experience working in both media and consumer products, we're able to capture the essence of your project and reach the audience you're looking for.

Audience Development

We know how to grow your fanbase. We've developed audiences for major media outlets, and can bring our know-how to create a devoted following for anything from a coffee shop, to a brewery, to the internet's next big website.

Digital Strategy

When you're busy running your shop day to day, it's impossible to worry about your digital presence. But you have to. We'll create a soup-to-nuts online strategy that will help you win new customers and grow your business.

Brand Ambassadorship

You can't be everywhere at once. Our small shop will work one-on-one with you to learn your brand inside and out and take the time to promote your vision with the same care that you would.

…And Beyond

Have a specific need for your growing business—or simply need to grow? Contact us to tell us exactly what you're looking for, and we'll let you know if we're the right shop for the job.



Brunch Money has consulted fashion/beauty, publishing, food, and beer/spirits brands to help create impactful online campaigns in crowded markets. And we’d love to do the same for you.

Brian O'Connor

Beer, U.S. politics, global policy, sports medicine, and bariatric surgery—if there’s been a book published about it, Brian has probably worked on it. With an editorial background in publishing, Brian most recently served as the deputy web editor at Foreign Affairs and the senior digital editor at The Brooklyn Quarterly. Brian brings to the table a breadth of social media, audience development, podcasting, and copywriting skills to help brands big and small grow. His writing has appeared in the New Republic, Foreign Affairs, The Awl, Extra Crispy, Paste, and more. He’s an amateur homebrewer, a semi-professional imbiber, and a runner (which is usually done before the other two, but stranger things have happened).

Meredith Turits

By day, Meredith is the senior strategist, brand development at Time Inc., and the editorial director of Extra Crispy. She’s been writing for print and digital since she was 15 (which was a long time ago), and through her prior careers at Glamour magazine and Bustle has edited stories about literature, music, weddings, fitness, food, politics, lifestyle, and fashion/beauty. Her specialty is building from scratch; as one of the founding editors of Bustle, she knows her way around startups, and what it takes for a digital brand to grow. Her work has appeared in publications including Vanity Fair, ELLE, the New Republic, The Paris Review Daily, and Men’s Journal, where she wrote about the hunt for Heady Topper, the United States’ most coveted beer.

We've worked for and with...

media organizations and CPG brands including Five Boroughs Brewing Co., Foreign Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations, Time Inc., Extra Crispy, The Drive, Bustle, Glamour and Condé Nast, skyn ICELAND, and The Brooklyn Quarterly. Our writing has appeared in publications including Foreign Affairs, ELLE, Vanity Fair, the New Republic, Extra Crispy, The Drive, Bustle, Glamour, The Paris Review Daily, The Awl, Electric Literature, Men's Journal, Paste, The Brooklyn Quarterly, and other outlets in both print and digital. Ask us about anything, but particularly beer and books.


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